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Smart Label
SMART LABEL is an easy to read new tecnology label created and patented by Dienpi.

This label communicates with smartphones and tablets with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

It is very simple to use: just hold the device to the NFC label and read what appears on the display of your smartphone.

SMART LABEL is washable and is readable even after various treatments. This system is useful for counterfeiting, traceability and marketing.

SMART LABEL guarantees the customers of purchasing an authentic product. This label is associated to a univocal code and is therefore not falsifiable and not reproducible, the code identifies only and exclusively one item forming part of a single production line batch. The final customer, autonomously and directly in the shop, will be able to read all the contents of the label; it will continue to be readable throughout the whole life of the garments. With this system the brand is able to identify fake products and to eliminate everything that come from the parallel market.

SMART LABEL provides an important support to consume awareness and responsible, promotes the cultural evolution of the user/customer and promotes purchases/consumption more personalized identity. SMART LABEL is a great way to certify the production process/chain, transparently. The objects are tracked via an univocal code and therefore, if it is stolen, you can report them and make sure that they are not placet anymore on the market.

The smart label makes the difference of the item then host it and it become a great and new tool of communication, not only stilistic one, but of real content, readable by anyone at any time, creating a tight interaction between producer and consumer.

SMART LABEL allows brand to communicate to the consumer different multimedia contents displayed on the smartphone:
  • Tell the story of product or brand story
  • Information on product or collection
  • Launch advertising campaigns or competitions
  • Promote loyalty bonuses
  • Register customers on its database
  • Invite consumers on their social networks
  • Comunicate the entire production chain
  • Certificate of authenticity of the object
The SMART LABEL system is attracting the interest of the upper middle clientele who mostly glimpsed the ability to distinguish the TRUE from the FALSE.

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